Overview of Russia,Belarus and Kazakhstan CU-TR union explosion-proof certification system 

1.Common sense of authentication for Russia,Belarus and Kazakhstan CU-TR union

1) Russia,Belarus and Kazakhstan CU-TR union certification mode:factory quality assurance system review (issued review reports of factory quality assurance system if passed review) +product type test certificate (Note:customs clearance + installation usage licensing integrated).


2) CU-TR union authentication certificate besides Russia,Belarus,Kazakhstan are fully recognized,currently countries covered by CUTR union authentication certificate are Armenia and Azerbaijan,Georgia,Kyrgyzstan,Moldova,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan.


2.Origin of custom union CU-TR authentication

According to Russia,Belarus,Kazakhstan three countries signed in 2010.10.18 for the agreement on common criterion and rules for the technical specifications of the republic of Kazakhstan,republic of Belarus and the Russian federation,customs union committee is committed to the formulation to ensure product safety standards and requirements,thus formed a customs union and Russia,Belarus,Kazakhstan CU-TR certification.


3.Approval range of CU-TR authentication

CU-TR certification has the same legal effect in any place inside the territory of customs union.


4.Certification mark of CU-TR authentication

New EAC mark has been used by customs union certification.

Originally three countries have their own authentication mark,GOST-R,GOST-K,GOST-B.The original certification mark will no longer be used; compulsory deadline is March 15,2015.


5.Classification of CU-TR authentication

According to the content of resolution 563 on March 2,2011 by league committee,Russia,Belarus,Kazakhstan customs union CU - TR certification can be divided into two kinds according to the properties of the products,the two kinds of certification need to be certificated and tested via authorized certification body under CU certification system and authorization laboratory.


1)The customs union technical regulations for certificate of conformity through CU-TR authentication.Russian:технических регламентов таможенного союза

сертификатов соответствия ТC;English:Technical Regulation of the Customs Union.Therefore,Russia,Belarus,Kazakhstan customs union can be called as TR-CU or CU-TR authentication.


2) The customs union technical regulatory compliance declaration certificate.Russian:форма декларирования соответствия ТР ТС;English Declaration of Conformity.


6.Validity of certificate

The validity of the customs union CU certification is divided into four kinds:single batch certificate,certificate of one-year,three-year validity certificate,and certificate of five years.Any kind of validity shall not affect the force of law.