Material performance testing room 2

The laboratory can be used for metal material analysis,including aluminum alloy,stainless steel,brass,carbon steel and other metal material composition detection,tensile strength testing and direct reading spectrum analyzer for engineering plastic material performance: The device was introduced into the world's largest atomic emission spectrometer manufacturer,German spike analytical instruments company.All important elements in metal materials can be detected,including trace amounts of C,P,S and N elements.Equipped with a complete working curve,suitable for the analysis of the corresponding base (metal base),such as: Fe,Al,Cu,Ni,Co,Ti,Mg,Zn,Pb,Sn.The full element analysis scope is covered,and analysis elements can be selected according to specific needs.Cover the quantitative analysis of various nonmetallic and metallic elements in common metals.

The equipment is controlled by microprocessor digital excitation light source,specifically for emission spectrum analysis of the development of CCD detector,high-performance readout system,new spark machine,innovated optical system and standardization,and unique ICAL single sample standardization,etc.,unique ICAL intelligent logic calibration system for intelligent logic tracing and standardization, greatly saved re-correction time.S P E C T R O M A X x optical system and all related components are sealed in the FALCON optical structure to avoid interference caused by dust or vibration.The new high performance readout system can process input data simultaneously and accurately,which is 50 times faster than previous systems.In this way,the analysis time is greatly shortened and the analysis precision is improved.According to different analytical requirements,analyzable requirements,the wavelength range of analyzable elements is from 140nm to 670nm.

Portable spectrum analyzer  Desktop direct reading spectrum analyzer