Material performance testing room 3


The testing room can be used for electrical and electronic products,engineering plastic materials,fire hazard test,combustion performance test,resistance to electric leakage and trace test and hardness test of rubber and plastic.

Glow-wire tester: it is used to evaluate the ignition hazard of products by simulating the thermal stress caused by heat sources or ignition sources such as glow-wire elements or overload resistors in a short period of time under failure or overload conditions.

Needle flame tester: it is used to simulate the small flame produced by the product under the condition of failure and evaluate the fire danger and flame resistance of the product or material.

Leakage marking tester: it is used to simulate the leakage between live parts of different polarity or between live parts and ground metal parts that may cause leakage on the insulator.It is used to measure and evaluate the relative resistance of the insulator to electric field and water containing impurities under the specified voltage.

Rubber hardness tester (Shore durometer): widely used in rubber,plastic hardness determination.