Lamp performance testing room


The laboratory tests the light distribution performance of indoor lamps,road lamps and projection lamps as well as the total light flux of the light source.The laboratory is equipped with a standard dark room with a length of 15 meters and a highly automated light distribution performance test system.Equipment is brought from global famous photoelectric professional test equipment supplier- Hangzhou Yuanfang photoelectric information co.,LTD.,the test system including precision automatic two-axis turntable GO - 2000,distributed photometer circumrotated controller,computer,and GOSoft measurement and control software,high-precision PHOTO - 2000 dual channel dedicated precision photometer,WY series digital display DC steady flow stabilized voltage supply,PF9811 high precision intelligent single-phase power meter,standard darkroom can absorb light flannelette hang shade and no reflective carpet,the core of this system is automatic turntable,the clamping of sample to be tested,the rotation of C-axis and γ-axis and the accurate positioning of angle can be realized.The whole system completes each test task automatically by the computer special software.

Equipped with GOSoft measurement and control software,it can adapt to the luminosity test of all kinds of indoor lamps,road lighting lamps and projection lamps with complete test parameters,and can output the test results as IESNA,CIBSE,EULUMDAT,CIE and other formats,and directly serve as the input data of international general lighting design software.



Working principle:during the test,the lamps are fixed on the distributed photometer turntable,and the light flux at all angles is measured by double-channel special precision photometer when rotating on the test table.The detector is relatively static for the test and the measurement and control software automatically generates a three-dimensional light distribution curve.