Optical intensity measuring room


The testing room is dedicated to test the photoelectric parameters of LED light source,gas discharge lamp,fluorescent lamp and energy saving lamp,introducing the world's most advanced integrating ball testing system; the testing system is provided by Hangzhou Yuanfang optoelectronic information co.,LTD.,a world famous supplier of professional optoelectronic testing instruments; the system is composed of HAAS-2000 high precision (scientific level) fast spectral radiometer,2m in diameter SPEKTRON coating integrating sphere,electrical parameter measuring instrument (PF9810),intelligent precision digital display dc steady current and voltage stabilizing power supply (WY305),program-controlled variable frequency voltage stabilizing power supply (VPS1030),0.3mLED special coating integrating sphere and supporting LED photochromic integrated measurement system management software.Equipped with HAAS - 2000 high-precision rapid spectroradiometer (scientific level) using the world's top scientific level of the refrigeration type field concave grating array detector peace,equipped with precision optical system and electronic circuit design,make the whole system realized the millisecond fast measurement,high resolution,high sensitivity,low noise,low stray light and wide dynamic range to achieve high precision measurement; the system can measure the spectral power distribution,chromaticity coordinates,main wavelength,color purity,related color temperature,color developing index,peak wavelength,red ratio,half width,luminous flux,luminous efficiency,radiation flux,ac-dc electrical performance and other parameters of the light source.

The system makes the company in the international advanced level field of light source detection,provide accurate and authoritative photoelectric parameters for the company's lighting design.