Precision measuring and testing room


The laboratory can carry out automatic optical amplification and precision measurement of electrical clearance,creepage distance,size of micro components and internal structure size of tiny space,as well as transformer calibration.

High precision image measuring instrument: it is a precision and efficient length measuring instrument integrating precision machinery,optics and electronics.It is widely used in machinery,instruments,institutions,research institutes,laboratories and production workshops; this instrument can efficiently detect the contour size and surface shape of various complicated workpieces.For example,the screw thread,stamping parts,gears,molds and other workpieces,mainly through two-dimensional measurement,but also can do three-dimensional measurement of video measurement system,can be very easy to achieve the actual measurement results and design comparison,to measure,inspection,correction,reverse engineering design and other purposes.

Transformer calibrator: it is a novel automatic testing instrument.It uses advanced electronic technology to decompose the error signal of the transformer directly.After proper calculation,the percentage point,in-phase error and orthogonal error of the transformer are displayed in digital quantity at the same time.The instrument is easy to operate,intuitive reading and rapid measurement,which can reduce energy consumption and labor intensity.Using advanced power technology,excitation voltage up to 30KV.Single machine with 0~150A large current output,it is convenient to check the integrity of the transformer secondary circuit channel state.No need for external auxiliary equipment,a single machine can complete all the testing items.The primary purpose of the transformer calibrator is to verify the technical performance of voltage and current transformers used in the field or in the laboratory.