Leaders of District Committee visited WAROM to investigate the resumption of work and production
UPDATE : 2022/06/10

On the morning of June 9, 2022, Zhou Wenjie (Deputy Secretary of District Committee) and other leaders visited Warom to understand the situation of epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production.


Accompanied by Zheng Xiaorong (Secretary to the Chairman of Warom), Mr. Zhou and other leaders inspected the production status of the workshop and products in the exhibition hall, and inquired about the difficulties and suggestions in the resumption of work and production.


Mr. Zhou acknowledged WAROM's achievements in bucking the trend during the epidemic. He reminds us that enterprises should continue to strengthen the string of epidemic prevention and control. And hopes that enterprises will give full play to their role as the basic force to stabilize the economy, enterprises and the market, and make new contributions to the recovery and revitalization of the regional economy.


Before leaving, Mr. Zhou transferred Warom the relevant support policies. Mr. Zheng expressed our heartfelt thanks to the district and town Party Committee and government for their strong support to Warom all the time, especially for the series of policies to help enterprises launched during the resumption of work and production.

Mr. Shen Xiaofeng (Deputy Director of Jiading District Committee), Mrs. Zhang Jingping (Deputy Director of Jiading Economic Committee) , Mr. Xu Hongbin (Deputy Secretary of The Party Committee of the Town) accompanied by visiting and investigating.


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