The 2022 Warom Explosion-proof New Year Marketing Conference
UPDATE : 2022/02/21

Feb. 19th~20th, 2022, Warom Explosion-proof New Year Marketing Conference was grandly held in the company's intelligent conference hall. Mr. Li Jiang (the Executive Director of Warom), and more than 200 sales elites gathered together to review the challenges and outstanding achievements in the past year, look forward to 2022 and discuss the future development plan!


When reviewing the work in 2021, Mr. Li pointed out that in the past year, everyone worked together to cope with the major changes in the market environment. Through the forward-looking market strategy and scientific system operation management, the overall market order was operating well, and the promotion of the SCS Safety Engineering Intelligence Management Platform brought gratifying benefits, Warom achieved double growth in revenue and profit. The impressive results are very encouraging, and hoped that through this meeting, the company and developers can further unify their understanding, adjust their thinking, set sail again, and win better and greater results.

Mr. Li explained the economic situation and market direction in the post-epidemic era one by one. At present, the country's economic situation is developing well, and the market demand is strong: traditional energy markets such as petroleum and chemical industry will continue to develop, and emerging markets such as nuclear power, photovoltaic, and wind energy will achieve rapid development. Policy orientations such as "Infrastructure" and "RCEP", as well as technological development such as automation, information, digitization, and intelligence, have unlimited potential market opportunities.Of course, market supervision will become increasingly standardized, business competition patterns will change significantly, and the rapid growth of peers will pose challenges and many other pressure factors. He hope everyone will turn pressure into motivation and open up the business expansion of Warom Panorama Market., ensure the continuous and steady growth of the company's performance, and win the battle in 2022 with all staff.


During the conference, Mr. Yang Yonghua (the Director of Domestic Trade Marketing), explain everyone about the general idea of domestic marketing work in 2022, market expansion indicators, sales strategies, and work priorities for detailed deployment.


Mr. Shen Chenjun (the Director of International Business Director), explained how to take advantage of Warom’s international advantages, deepen the Belt and Road Initiative, and develop "ordinary trade" and other foreign trade marketing strategies.


Mr. Wang Yade (the Director of Technical Center), elaborated on the business development guidance of "SCS Safety Engineering Intelligence Management Platform "


Wang Yang (the Director of Sales and Service center), announced the sales and service system to everyone, and made a detailed interpretation of the expansion of the military nuclear market.


Mr. Pan Dunjie (the Deputy Director of the Financial Center), make a further analysis of the financial risks and financial specification requirements in the marketing work.

At the conference, commend the advanced developers and outstanding salesmen who are determined to forge ahead in the marketing work in 2021. Mr. Hu Zhirong (the Chairman), Mr. Li Jiang and other leaders expressed their heartfelt congratulations to them. 


Finally, Mr. Hu Zhirong made an inspirational speech. He said that 2022 is a year for Warom to reach a new starting and achieve a new leap forward. Hope that under the leadership of Mr. Li, everyone will focus on core business, maintain a high degree of sensitivity and continuous innovation, continuous to improve market competitiveness and market share. Keep our mind and mission, to make another contribution for the world's leading brand in the explosion-proof industry!