Overview of certification system for China explosion-proof production

1.Explosion-proof authentication product in China QS explosion-proof production certificate

According to international practice,China is also subject to compulsory management and certification of explosion-proof products.

1.1 Explosion-proof certification system:

   1) Be applicable to the whole explosion-proof products sold within the territory of China (includes foreign imported);

   2) The first authentication mode of ISO (type test);

   3) The validity period of certificate is 5 years.

1.2 Production certificate system:

   1) Only suit to the part explosion-proof products in domestic enterprise (except measuring type products and lighting type products);

   2) Type test+ factory inspection;

   3) The validity period of certificate is 5years.

1.3 Coal safety mark (MA):

   1) Suit to mining product;

   2) Type test + factory inspection;

   3) The validity period of certificate is 5years.


2.The People's Republic of China standardization law,standardization law implementing regulations of the People's Republic of China

2.1 Chinese standards can be divided into 3 kinds mandatory (GB),recommended (GB/T),directive (GB/Z).

2.2 China explosion-proof standards for compulsory standards.

2.3 China compulsory standards shall be carried out.Products do not comply Chinese compulsory standards will not be allowed for the production,sales and import on the territory of China.


3.Product quality law of the People's Republic of China

Industrial products may endanger personal and property safety,it must comply with the relevant Chinese national standards.


4.The production safety law of the People's Republic of China

The design and manufacture,installation,use,inspection,maintenance and transformation of safety equipment (products) within the territory of China should conform to the Chinese national standard.


5 Combined with regulations mentioned above,foreign explosion-proof products shall suit to the following conditions when entering the Chinese market for sale:

5.1 Pass the product type tests of China GB standard,and obtain product Ex certificate of conformity.

5.2 Pass factory quality system inspection and get license certificate.

5.3 Ex products for mining must acquire China MA mark verified.