Enclosure strength testing chamber


The laboratory can complete the explosion proof enclosure impact test,glass cover impact resistance test,static pressure test,drop test,cable clamping test and other tests.The laboratory is equipped with advanced measuring equipment such as impact test instrument,drop test machine,cable clamping test frame,glass stress tester,static pressure test device,ultrasonic thickness gauge,etc.The impact test instrument is completely designed in accordance with GB3836.1-2010,which can verify the impact resistance of all kinds of glass,transparent cover and shell,with the impact energy up to 10J,fully meeting the company's testing requirements.Height h is derived from impact energy E,and the impact test energy is shown in table 1:


Equipment category Impact energy E,J
Mechanical hazard degree High   Low            High Low
 1.Protective net,protective cover,fan protective cover and cable lead-in device 20 7 4
 2 plastic shell
 3 Light metal alloy or cast metal shell
 4 items except item 3 for metal shells,the wall thickness:
 - less than 3 m m  such equipment
 - less than 1 m m  such equipment
 5 Transparent parts of protective net 7 4 2
 6 Transparent parts with protective net (without protective net during test) 4 2 1

Test determination: no damage to the electrical equipment explosion proof type caused by impact test is qualified; after the test of the protective cover of the outer fan and the baffle of the ventilation hole,the displacement or deformation which does not cause friction with the moving part is qualified.

Drop test machine:this test is usually used to simulate the free fall of the product during handling,to investigate the product's ability to withstand unexpected impact.Generally,the drop height is based on the weight of the product and the probability of falling.The falling surface should be a smooth,hard and rigid surface made of concrete or steel.For different international specifications,the falling height of the product is different even under the same weight.The severity of the test depends on the falling height,falling times and falling direction.

Glass stress tester is specialized in testing the stress distribution of physical toughened glass.Through the comprehensive analysis of the stress distribution of glass,the anti-impact ability of glass is tested.This equipment adopts optical testing system to accurately and quickly reflect the stress distribution of glass.

Ultrasonic thickness gauge for metal,glass,ceramic,plastic,nylon and other materials can transmit ultrasonic thickness measurement,fast and convenient,accuracy up to 1μm,and can test all kinds of complex workpiece wall thickness.

The above precise testing equipment provides a variety of testing methods for the company's raw material testing; for incoming inspection of quality assurance escort.