Enclosure protection laboratory


This lab is the place for enclosure protection grade test and enclosure negative pressure seal test of the electrical equipment (lighting fixtures),test equipment is designed in accordance with GB4208 enclosure protection grade (IP code) standard,test equipments are all made of imported SUS316L stainless steel,this equipment can be tested according to GB 4208-4208 standard for protection grade test,can undertake four protection grade tests such as IPX4 splash-proof,IPX5 water spray resistance,IPX6 violent water spray resistance and IPX7 diving resistance,combined with equipped dust chamber,still can undertake IP5X dust and IP6X dust tight two protection grade tests.It can fully simulate the company's electrical products in the user site under all kinds of severe weather protection performance.Test parameters are shown in the following table:

IP code Protection grade
Brief description
Test method Water flow Test duration
IPX1 Drop-proof Use drop water tank and place the product on the turntable    
IPX2 15 ° upward sloping
Using the drops of water tank,products in four fixed position of tilt 15 °   2.5min for each inclined position
IPX3 Water spray resistance Using pendulum pipe,and spray water in vertical direction or minus 60 °,maximum distance of 200 mm,or the use the water spray nozzle,spray water in vertical direction within the scope of plus or minus 60 °. Each hole 0.07 (1±5%) L/min
Times hole number 10 (1±5%) L/min
10 min
1 min m2 at least 5min
IPX4 Splash-proof With digital test for number 3,± 180 ° angle to the vertical direction within the scope of rain water. The same with number 3 The same with number 3
IPX5 Anti-water spray Use a nozzle with a diameter of 6.3mm and a distance of 2.5m to 3m   At least 15min
IPX6 Violent waves resistance Use a nozzle with a diameter of 6.3mm and a distance of 2.5m to 3m   1 min m2 at least 3min
IPX7 Water tightness The submersible box shall be used with the water surface at least 0.15m above the product top and the bottom of the shell at least 1m below the water surface.    
IPX8 Diving resistance With the submersible box,the surface height is negotiated by the user and the manufacturer   The agreement is negotiated between the user and the manufacturer

Waterproofing test: if no other specified standard,the following conditions shall be regarded as the minimum acceptable requirements: generally speaking,if water is in,it shall not be sufficient to affect the normal operation or damage the safety of the equipment;the water does not accumulate on the insulating parts which may cause leakage and electric scars along the creepage distance; water does not enter live parts or windings that are not allowed to operate in a humid state; water does not accumulate near the cable head or into the cable.

Dust test:IP5X:after the test,observe the talc deposition amount and location,

if it is not enough to affect the normal operation or safety of the equipment like other dust,the test will be deemed as qualified.Unless special cases are specified in the relevant product standards,dust deposition is not allowed at the places where the creepage distance may lead to leakage and electrification.

IP6X: the product needs to be pumped under negative pressure,and there is no obvious dust deposition in the shell after the test,which means that the test is qualified.