Environmental performance testing room


This laboratory is mainly engaged in the reliability test of products,simulating the customer use environment to verify the products.Constant temperature and humidity simulation test chamber can simulate the most extreme environmental conditions of customer,the highest temperature can reach 300 ℃,the lowest temperature can reach 70 ℃.There are two circulating fans which can evenly distribute the temperature in the cabinet to achieve the precise temperature control effect.High temperature aging box is mainly used for rubber aging test,thermal upheaval test,a small number of lamp aging test.The dust test chamber is suitable for testing the dustproof and pressure-proof safety level of product shell and seal,electrical performance,moving parts and lubricating parts.The main characteristic is that it has the function of adjusting the spray concentration;the fully enclosed structure is equipped with a dust power circulating motor and a vibration device,so that the dust concentration remains the same and stable.It has the function of power on test; with timing powder spraying,intermittent powder spraying,timing power,intermittent power and other testing functions.It can be applied to JIS,IEC,GB2423.37 and GB4208.