Warom products are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical industry, aerospace, coal mine, electric power, railway, metallurgy, shipping, public security, fire protection, water conservancy, municipal administration. telecommunications, diving rescue and other fields.

Petroleum, Petrochemical and LNG Industry

Explosion-proof lighting fixtures and electrical equipment used in hazardous areas such as, inflammable and explosive areas applicable for petroleum and petrochemical industries. The main products include explosion-proof and anticorrosive lighting fixtures, explosion-proof and anticorrosive electrical appliances, explosion-proof communication monitoring. explosion-proof pipe fittings, weatherproof series and intelligent control system.

Maritime Engineering

Explosion-proof lighting fixture and electrical equipment used in drilling platform and ship includes explosion-proof and anticorrosive lighting series, electrical appliance series, ship lighting series, helicopter landing platform aid system and so on.

Mining Explosion-proof

The explosion-proof electrical appliances, explosion-proof lighting fixtures, complete sets of switch electrical equipment and coal mine airborne supporting equipment used in coal mine and mininq, beneficiation and exploration. The main products cover high voltage switch series, low voltage switch series, flameproof mobile substation series, low voltage starter series, explosion-proof lamp series, explosion-proof fan series, multiple circuit combination switch series and general switch cabinet series.

Special Lighting

Lighting equipment are used in special environment in electric power, public security, fire protection, railway, port, stadium, large industrial and mineral enterprises and other fields. The main products include fixed lighting series (waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, anti-glare), movable lighting series etc..