Brief Introduction
Material performance testing room 1
Material performance testing room 2
Material performance testing room 3
Lamp performance testing room
Electromagnetic compatibility testing room
Electrical performance laboratory
Optical intensity measuring room
Environmental performance testing room
Precision measuring and testing room
Enclosure protection laboratory
Enclosure strength testing chamber

Brief Introduction of Warom Explosion-proof Inspection and Testing Center

Warom explosion-proof inspection and testing center is financing established relying on China's largest explosion-proof electrical apparatus manufacturing enterprise---Warom Technology Incorporated Company,owning the most complete detection capability and inspection test conditions of explosion-proof electrical and inspection experiment ability for lighting lamps in explosion-proof electrical manufacturing enterprises,recognized as A grade laboratory by petroleum and chemical industry association for 10 years since 2008,meanwhile actively performs international test standards,assessed as witness testing room by IECEx lab for continuous 5 years,is the largest testing center in present domestic industry with the most advanced facilities and the most complete detection means.

Through years’ improvement of experimental ability and conditions,the center has a test area of 1500 ㎡,with 15 professional and technical personnels,10 technical personnels have intermediate title or above,1 committee member in international IECEx explosion-proof marks committee,6 committee members in China explosion-proof electrical standardization committee,2 committee members in illumination electrical standardization committee,whom has the most accurate technology control in the understanding of standards and criterions of test methods; It has more than 1000 sets of advanced and precise testing equipment,and has established 9 testing rooms,including material performance testing,electrical performance testing,explosion-proof performance testing,lighting performance testing and environmental performance testing,etc.The corresponding testing capabilities are as follows:

Material performance testing room: it can complete material composition testing of aluminum alloy,stainless steel,brass and other metals,tensile strength testing and engineering plastic material performance,insulation level testing,etc.;

Enclosure strength testing room: it can complete explosion-proof enclosure impact test,glass cover impact resistance test,static pressure test,drop test,cable clamping test and other tests;

Environmental performance testing room: it can complete heat and cold resistance,durability test,high and low temperature test,low temperature limit test,humidity test,salt spray corrosion test and other tests;

Enclosure protection laboratory: it can complete the enclosure waterproof level,dust level,enclosure negative pressure seal test and other tests;

Electromagnetic compatibility testing room: anti-electromagnetic interference,electromagnetic conduction,harmonic parameters,anti-surge ability and other tests;

Electrical performance laboratory: it can complete the withstand voltage strength,insulation resistance,large current generation,power factor,AC and DC all kinds of electrical parameters testing;

Optical luminous intensity measurement room: it can complete the luminous flux test of any point in three-dimensional dynamic situation of luminous source.

Lamp performance testing room: it can complete the light distribution test of lighting fixtures,which is the light distribution curve test;

Precision measurement and testing room: fully automatic optical amplification and tight measurement of electrical clearance,creepage distance,size of micro components and internal structure size in tiny space;

The center carries out all kinds of inspection and test work in strict accordance with standard requirements,follows scientific and rigorous spirit,accurate and standardized method,just and fair attitude to provide inspection and test services,improves the overall technical level and testing ability of Warom explosion protection,and makes efforts to “create world famous explosion-proof brand"!